Carrolltowne Players Etiquette

  • Kids must be able to listen to adults and student volunteers. We have many high school and middle school volunteers who will help instruct the kids, so it is imperative that your child be able to follow their directions.
  • Kids must be able to stay on task. Rehearsals are fun, but they make for very long days, particularly for our younger cast members. You know your child and what they can handle, particularly when it comes to tech week.
  • Kids can’t miss more than 2 rehearsals. They also cannot skip out of rehearsal early every Thursday or every Tuesday because they have to be somewhere else by 6. It’s really not fair to other kids who rely on everyone being there to know where they need to be onstage.
  • Kids must be enthusiastic and able to work with other kids; this is NOT the activity for your child if you have to talk them into or even fight them to do it.
  • There is reduced down time this year, with not as much homework time. Please make sure your child is able to juggle homework with play rehearsals.
  • No electronics during rehearsal until tech week, and absolutely no pictures are permitted to be taken of other kids.

Parent Participation & Expectations

  • You can sign up for a subcommittee when your child accepts the role
    (Producing, Directing, Music Directing, Choreography, Props, Hair, Makeup, Costumes, Set, Sound, Lights, Stage Crew, Tech Meals)
  • You must supervise a minimum of one practice or show per child in the play. For the directors, music directors, and choreographers to focus on what is going on onstage, we need you to supervise other kids who are not onstage for one 2-hour shift per child in the play.